Disputing a Closed Workers’ Comp Case in Oregon


When is a Workers’ Compensation Case Closed?

Oregon workers’ compensation cases are closed when acceptable disabling medical conditions are medically stationary, and when an insurance company has gathered adequate information to issue a Notice of Closure.

The Notice of Closure details the status of your work release, lists how much permanent or partial disability you’ve been awarded, and provides you with instructions on how to appeal your closure should you wish to dispute your claim.

Submitting Your Appeal

As stated before, having your case closed doesn’t mean you’re prevented from contesting it and presenting new information about your injury or condition.

The Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division has 120 working days from receipt of the Request for Reconsideration to issue an Order on Reconsideration. After the medical arbiter examines you and sends the report to the Division, the appellate reviewer will review all information, including anything received from you or your insurer, before issuing an Order on Reconsideration.

How Mark Thesing Inc Can Help

When I examine your individual workers’ compensation case’s Notice of Closure, my goal is to evaluate whether there is adequate evidence to show that you, the worker, were medically stationary. Furthermore, I look carefully at the findings of the closing exam to determine whether your permanent/partial disability benefit was calculated correctly. Finally, I examine all the conditions you sustained as a result of your injury.

Contact my office today to find out how I can help you contest a closed claim to reopen a closed claim. Legal services are available for residents of Oregon.