Seeking Medical Care with Workman’s Comp Insurance in Oregon

Being injured at work is a harrowing experience that can lead to lasting pain, stress, and suffering. Injuries you sustain at work are fully covered under Oregon’s workers’ compensation system. That means that no matter how serious your injury is, or how long you’re expected to be out of work, you can always depend on having your medical needs covered.

Mark Thesing goal is to help you get your workers’ compensation claim approved before you start seeking medical treatment. Your employer is obligated to have workman’s comp insurance; in Oregon, I work with you to take advantage of this insurance policy. Get in touch with my office today to schedule a consultation and find out what this process entails.

What Medical Care is covered under Workers' Compensation

Once your claim and conditions have been accepted under your workers’ comp claim, insurers will typically pay for medical treatments, prescription medications, and transportation, and as necessary for medical appointments. For reimbursements on mileage (time to spend driving to these appointments), you may submit a request for reimbursement of expenses. Form 392 is required with copies of receipts.

It’s important to understand that your medical bills will not be paid before your claim is accepted, or if your claim or condition has been denied. If your claim is denied, you always have the option of appealing it. You can also petition for your case to be reopened if you believe that your benefits are inadequate for your workplace injury. Mark Thesing Inc can help streamline this process and increase your chances of success.

What You Can Expect

On the bright side, the medical care you’ll receive under workers’ compensation is good-quality and long-lasting. It continues for life, and you’ll never be responsible for any copayments. Not only that, workers’ compensation pays medical professionals significantly higher rates than do private health insurers. This means that the best doctors in Oregon will be more than happy to see you.


Contact me today to learn what your employer’s workman’s comp insurance covers when you’re injured on the job. Legal services are available for residents of Oregon.