What to do After an Accident in Your Work Vehicle in Oregon

In the United States alone, there are more than 3.5 million professional truck drivers. However, there are countless other jobs that require employees to drive—contractors, salesmen, and delivery workers, to name a few. That means that there’s a significant chance for an accident to occur on the job—and in a work vehicle.

Vehicle accidents every day; when you’re injured in one and unable to return to work, or need professional medical care, Mark Thesing can help you apply and obtain the compensation you need. If you’re injured in an accident in a work vehicle Oregon chances are you’re eligible for benefits covered by workers’ compensation. This can come in the form of supplementary wages, vocational training, and medical care.

Situations Covered by Workers’ Compensation

In general, accidents that happen while you’re driving for work (or on your worksite) are covered by workers’ compensation. If you are injured and require medical treatment, time off, or retraining, workers’ compensation will cover these.

On the other hand, not all vehicle accidents that occur at work are eligible for workers’ compensation—or require coverage at all. It goes without saying that if you’re not severely injured (you don’t need medical treatment), you won’t need a workers’ compensation attorney. In these situations, it’s very likely that even if you file a claim, you will be denied.

Another common situation that does not call for workers’ compensation is when you’re injured while commuting to work. Because you’re driving to work, and not driving on behalf of your employer, you are not eligible for benefits. An exception to this situation may exist for employees for whom traveling is an integral part of their job.

Claims for accidents at work can be affected by a number of special circumstances and considerations. If you feel that you have a claim, but your claim was denied, you may appeal your case. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can go a long way in helping you gather important information that could make a difference in your case’s decision.

Here are a few questions that are worth asking if you’re unsure whether you have a claim:

  • Was my trip personal or business-related?
  • Is travel an essential part of my duties as an employee?
  • Am I reimbursed for the traveling portion of my job?
  • Did the accident occur on my employer’s property?

Contact my office as soon as you’re injured in an accident in a work vehicle to learn whether you have a claim. Legal services are available for residents of Oregon