Wage Loss Benefits in Oregon - Pay the Bills


How to Obtain Wage Loss Benefits

To receive payments for time lost from work, you must have a work release or restrictions from your attending physician. The release or restrictions must be submitted to your insurer. Workers typically receive work comp checks every two weeks during their recovery periods—so long as their doctors provide time-loss notes explaining their inability to work.

Your doctor must write you a time loss note every 30 days. Payments will continue until the worker returns to work or is considered medically stationary. It is strongly recommended that you attend appointments with your medical provider diligently, as well as remain communicative about your condition.

Even if the claim is denied the attending doctor needs to write a time off note every 30 days.

How Much Money Will I Receive to Cover My Lost Wages?

Time-loss benefits are typically calculated at ⅔ (66%) of a worker's gross weekly wage at the time of injury. Time loss is tax-free, which means you’ll keep all the money you’re paid while you’re receiving benefits.


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