Find Out Why You Need a Lawyer in Oregon

Whether you’re filing your first workers’ compensation claim or your third, it’s good to know why you need a lawyer in Oregon that specializes in this area of law. The ideal attorney has experience handling claims of all kinds, and can handle the appeals and settlement process. Not only that, they can help increase the overall value of both your claim and settlement, as well as alleviate the stressors that accompany dealing with the workers’ compensation system.

You’ll find all these benefits and more when you choose Mark Thesing. As a veteran workman’s comp attorney, I have the experience and resources needed to navigate any situation involving on-the-job injuries. Best of all, my representation comes with no attorney’s fees unless I’m able to overturn your denial or secure additional the compensation you deserve.

How an Attorney Can Help

Over the course of the 20 years, I’ve served many clients come to me with denied claims and closures paying next to nothing. In many situations, I’ve been able to completely turn such situations around. Injured workers in Oregon know that they can rely on me for the personalized assistance they deserve after being hurt on the job.

When Don’t You Need an Attorney?

You may be surprised to learn that in many situations, it is better not to retain a workman’s comp attorney. If your claim is accepted and you are able and planning to rejoin a great job, without any restrictions, you likely will not benefit further from an attorney’s services.

Contact my offices today to learn why you need a lawyer and how my skills will benefit you in the long run as you recover from your injury. Legal services are available for Oregon.