What Are Work Comp Benefits in Oregon?

When a workplace injury stops you from returning to work, it can be difficult to plan your next steps. However, life goes on after an injury, no matter how severe it may be, and bills need to be paid. Thankfully, as an Oregon employee, you’re entitled to work comp benefits. In Oregon Mark Thesing can help you successfully apply for these benefits and ensure your bills are covered.

Thanks to workers’ compensation laws, you have:

  • The right to fully paid medical care
  • The right to fully replaced wages (66%)
  • The right to replace wages if your injury is severe (for example, requiring surgery)
  • The right to return to your old job or job retraining

Types of Benefits

Many people are unsure what kinds of workers’ compensation benefits they’re entitled to when their claim is accepted. Workers’ comp benefits are “statutory benefits,” which means that they are set by statute (written law). Workers with accepted work-related injuries may receive benefits. There most common types of work comp benefits are medical benefits, income benefits, and death benefits.

Medical: Many types of injuries require extensive medical treatment. However, no matter how little or how much care you need, it helps to know that workers’ compensation can cover it—especially in light of the ever-rising cost of medical services.

Income: Because you can’t work while you’re injured, workers’ compensation provides disability payments—usually around ⅔ of your original income. This means that you can keep paying essential bills, even when you’re unable to earn money.

Death: Work-related injuries or illnesses that result in the death of an employee are covered by workers’ compensation. Relatives of the deceased employee may receive payments in installments; the amount varies according to the situation.

Some workers may qualify for vocational services. Severe injuries sometimes prevent workers from returning to their original jobs. However, vocational rehabilitation helps workers acquire new skills while they’re recovering from their injuries. If you believe your injury could prevent you from returning to your original job, be sure to mention it during our consultation.

Starting Your Claim

The sooner you file a successful claim, the sooner you can start receiving benefits. Reach out to find out how I can help you create a more successful application—one that enables you to receive the most benefits possible.

Contact me today to learn how I can assist you in obtaining the work comp benefits you need to live your life while you’re recovering. Legal services are available for residents of Oregon